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The Stride Program

Numerous studies have established that 25+ hours of weekly treatment facilitate optimal outcomes for children with autism. As a result, we offer full-day ABA programs for pre-school aged children 2-6 years old.

Each day consists of both structured one-on-one therapy and naturalistic group activities.

One-on-one therapy
Focused on individualized goals related to self-care, communication, problematic behavior reduction, and more

Naturalistic group activities
Focused on play and social interactions, which are critical for school readiness, adolescent development, and adulthood

Group activities offer opportunities for children to socialize with their peers and are uniquely possible within a center-based environment.

Every child at Stride has a highly customized program developed by our Board Certified Behavior Analysts and overseen by a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Sample Full-Day Schedule

8:00 am
Drop Off and Group Play
8:45 am
Circle Time Socialization
9:15 am
Learning and Playing in Small Groups
9:45 am
10:00 am
1:1 Therapy
11:30 am
12:00 pm
Quiet Time / Independent Play Skills
12:45 pm
Indoor and/or Outdoor Playground Time
1:15 pm
1:1 Therapy
2:30 pm
Small Group Activity
3:00 pm
Art and Music
3:45 pm
Home Notes
4:00 pm

Learning environments

Each Stride center features a variety of spaces thoughtfully designed to support the learning goals of our program.

instruction space

Child and therapist engage in 1:1 structured teaching

  • The space provides an environment to work on pre-academic, language, or other skills unique to each learner’s plan and goals
  • Having a room with fewer distractions and individualized instruction allows space for your learner to acquire new skills

Free play / natural environment space

Children engage in play-based activities (art, blocks, toys, etc.) to encourage learning while having fun

  • Play – and effective play skills – are critical for cognitive, fine motor, language, and social development
  • Natural Environment Teaching utilizes principles of ABA to teach concepts and work on goals with the learner’s preferred toys in the moment


Children play and climb on sensory stimulating environmental elements, including slides, swings, mini trampolines, and tunnels

  • Your child engages in activities that support gross motor development and age-appropriate play
  • The space provides opportunities for engaging socially, interacting with peers (turn-taking, patiently waiting) and communicating interests (a child may learn to ask for help going down the slide for the first time)

Circle time areas

Children gather in a seated circle with their peers for group instruction

  • The space provides opportunities for group interaction that helps prepare your child for kindergarten
  • This time focuses on social engagement, communication, imitation, and pre-academic skills
  • We use specific routines (today’s date, current weather), stories and songs to help learners observe and participate with peers
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