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Autism Center Near Princeton, Davenport, Iowa

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Stride was founded to deliver the most meaningful outcomes for children with autism and their families. At Stride Autism Centers near Princeton, Davenport, Iowa, our dedicated, passionate team of experts in autism therapy support your child’s development of foundational skills so they can lead the most independent, joyous life possible.

We offer a full-day applied behavior analysis (ABA) program for children ages 2 to 6, where we pair group activities, like circle time and free play, with one-on-one therapy to help children prepare for kindergarten and beyond.

Exterior of the Stride Autism Center near Princeton, Davenport, Iowa.

Autism Center Near Princeton, Davenport, Iowa

(515) 207-5251

Exterior of the Stride Autism Center near Princeton, Davenport, Iowa.

Stride’s center-based ABA Therapy program for preschoolers helps prepare children with autism for kindergarten and beyond. We are thrilled to offer our services near Princeton, Davenport, Iowa.

Interior view of the front reception area of the Stride Autism Center for children near Princeton, Davenport, Iowa.
Classroom with whiteboard, table and chairs where children with autism learn skills during their full-day ABA program near Princeton, Davenport, Iowa.
View of interior open space with toys, a table, and multiple doors at the Stride Autism Center near Princeton, Davenport, Iowa.
Toys for children to play with during their ABA therapy near Princeton, Davenport, Iowa.
Play therapy area for children with autism near Princeton, Davenport, Iowa.

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts near Princeton, Davenport

Shelley Swan

Headshot of Alyssa Johnson, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in Davenport, Quad Cities, at Stride Autism Centers

Alyssa Johnson

Headshot of Stacee Leatherman, BCBA at Stride Autism Centers in Davenport, Iowa.

Stacee Leatherman

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    ABA Therapy near Princeton, Davenport

    Our founder’s sister lives with a severe autism-related disorder called Rett Syndrome. He witnessed how dedicated care from compassionate and highly-trained experts, combined with a supportive family unit, could make an enormous difference for children with special needs.

    We built the Stride Autism Center near Princeton, Davenport, Iowa, to deliver the standard of care and support he would want for his sister and family. By offering a full-day program that blends individual therapy with group and classroom activities, we aim to set your child up for their best possible future. We carefully select the Stride team and invest heavily in their training and development to ensure we best serve your family.

    We prioritize collaborating with you and your child in developing an individualized therapy plan, because your child will have the best experience and outcome when the support they receive at our center continues at home.

    Our Princeton, Davenport IA Autism Program

    Though our founder’s personal roots and commitment to serving individuals with special needs helped launch Stride, it is our clinical leadership, including PhD-level thought leaders in the field of ABA therapy, who designed our specialized program and continue to oversee it. We also partner with top academic institutions that review aspects of our program to ensure we’re incorporating the latest research and most effective clinical approaches.

    The approach at Stride focuses on creating the most opportunity for growth and independence for your preschool child. During their one-on-one therapy, your child develops skills that can help them succeed. Then, in the group setting, they have the chance to interact with other children and put them to use. Autism often results in communication and social skills challenges. Therefore, we have structured our program to give children plenty of time to play and develop relationships with peers.

    The therapeutic environment at Stride can help your child with:

    • Communication
    • Social skills
    • Self-care like grooming and potty-training
    • School readiness
    • Play
    • Emotional regulation

    How Our ABA Therapists Can Help

    ABA is not the only treatment for autism, but it’s the most widely validated and the leading recommendation from the U.S. Surgeon General and major medical associations. It uses the core principles of learning to help your child build the skills they need while supporting the development of healthy behaviors. Each of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) has over 2,000 hours of prior experience in ABA to help support your child.

    At Stride Autism Centers, children with autism work with our team in our nurturing environment. If you think this could be the right choice for your child and family, please get in touch. We’re here to help you get started at our location near Princeton, Davenport whenever you’re ready.